History of

McGlynn Bakeries

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Thank Yous and Heros

McGlynn Bakeries was a very successful business for almost 100 years. There were good times and very good times. But, there were tough times as well. In order to succeed, it took thousands of people that believed in our products and our people. We were blessed with incredible employees, vendors and customers. JT and Burt McGlynn had an inner drive to deliver quality baked goods and services at a reasonable price. They also believed in the notion that if a customer is standing in front of you with ready-to-spend hard earned dollars, you better not run out of product. Burt referred to this as "Pile 'em high and watch 'em buy," It wasn't until the 70's that the company put into words how we conduct business and our mission. These were changed slightly as the business climate changed.

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Principles of Doing Business

Our ethical standards guide every business decision. Integrity, honesty and equality are values that are integral to our success and business culture.


Our respect for and development of people, creates a great work environment. We encourage new ideas, support innovation and risk-taking to build on the strengths and talents of every individual.


Our passion for customer solutions drives excellence in our products and services. We exceed customers expectations by combining our baking heritage with emerging trends.


Our culture of continuous improvement fosters an environment of change. We are never satisfied with the status quo. We continually re-invent our processes, products and practices to ensure our success.

Our Mission

To be the premier supplier of bakery products by maintaining the highest commitment to quality and service in all aspects of our business.


  • We will exceed our customers' expectations for quality products and service.
  • We will provide opportunities for our customers to grow and reach their potential.
  • We will encourage new ideas, supporting innovation and risk-taking.
  • We will conduct our business with the highest ethical standards.


Our commitment to these principles will result in profitable growth for our businesses, ensuring a continued successful partnership with our customers, employees, suppliers, and communities.

Thank You!

Thank you to our customers. As everyone knows, without customers, there is no business. We had loyal customers that made our business fun. They praised us when they liked our products and they let us know when we let them down. And they allowed us to experiment. We were able to try new products all the time and quickly test them in our stores. Their feedback, buy their words or their pocketbooks told us the winners and losers.


Thank you to our vendors. When we found good products at a fair price we were very loyal to our vendors. When they made a mistake, we let them correct it. And when we grew exponentially during the 1980's many of this vendors increased their production to keep us supplied. Our vendors were always an integrated portion of our success.


Thank you to our employees. We employed thousands of employees throughout our businesses. They were the ones that made everything happen. There were long hours, including nights and weekends. It took dedication to deliver products on time and beat expectations. It took a lot of teamwork. The management group was focused on keeping happy workers, customers and vendors. Many became friends for life. Some even married coworkers and remained working together. Without outstanding employees, we surely would have failed.

Some of the Heroes

With some reluctance, we decided to add some names of individuals that led teams to new heights, created products that opened up whole new doors of business or did their difficult job so well that everyone was in awe. They are all heroes. We knew it would be impossible to include everyone's favorites. We are certainly missing some names that others would like to see mentioned. If you would like to see someone added, please submit their name on the comments page and they will be reviewed. This list is in no particular order.


Tom Rains, Tina McKenna, Tammy Kampsula, Sue Super, Pat Boedigheimer, Milo Pokorny, Ken Ament, Dan Ament, Kim Roy, John Prichard, Florent Soisson, Bob Thom, Paul Supplee, John Anderson, Steve Twedell, Dawayne Heiden, Liz Eggers, Irene Strong, Ella Leopold, John Larsen, Bob Williams, Barb Breyer, Doug Hale, Mike Dunker, Jim Keding, Dave Goodmanson, Rick Ericksen, Bob Kulpinski, Clyde Boysen, Chuck Corey, Dale Olson, EC King and Wayne Michels.